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Biodegradable latex gloves|Hospital Disposable Latex Gloves

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disposable biodegradable latex gloves
Product name:White Hospital Biodegradable Disposable Latex Gloves
Material:Imported latex
Packing:Double layer vacuum packaging 
Cleanliness: 1000 stage purification
Product use: general health isolation and protection, protect hand skin, isolate oil stains, easy to work, can also be used in food processing and other industries, to protect food from bacteria, sweat, skin oil pollution.
Scope of application: it is suitable for food, food, electronics, printing, pharmaceutical industry and hospital cleaning and health care, drug matching, etc.
to ensure youe gloves have the best fit and feel,we have ceeated this handy sizing chart.please keep in mind that gloves are like shoes:there are general sizes, but various styles will fit differently.
glove materials,thickess,elasticity,and texture are afew factors that can make one style of glove fit snugger or looser than another.
palm measurment 
find your glove sizze by measuring your hand using the guide below
biodegradable disposable latex gloves
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