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Worldchamp is a professional manufacturer of biodegradable compostable gloves with a dust-free production workshop, specializing in biodegradable gloves, compostable gloves, plastic gloves, latex gloves, nitrile gloves! Our products are strictly inspected for quality.
So we pay high attention to the characteristics of our products.                    
1. Made of high quality Japanese food grade natural rubber and synthetic latex material.
2. Professional glove design and dust-free production workshop to create first-class gloves.
3. Products are non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-stick, environmentally friendly and healthy.
4. ISO certified factory 
5. Low cost of sample design customization, design fee is totally free, high efficiency, the fastest two days to complete the sample display, the fastest week to complete the big goods production!
6. we have many years of production experience, professional production team, so that our quality and price have absolute advantage compared with peers
7. Flexible order quantity, no fixed order quantity, fully cooperate with customers for production!
8. We have independent design and development department to solve all kinds of technical troubles of customers!
9. We can provide many kinds of products for customers' reference, with favorable price and large quantity, welcome to consult!