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How do manufacturers maintain the high quality of nitrile gloves?

Time:2021-06-10 15:30

Nitrile gloves are widely used in industry, agriculture, manufacturing, laboratories, hospitals, etc. They are especially popular in hospitals and laboratories because not only do they protect one's hands from infection, but they also ensure that they do not allow any viruses to harm patients while they are being treated. It is as protective gloves that nitrile gloves are made. Nitrile gloves are made by manufacturers who know our hands very well when making gloves, so that the person buying them can wear the right gloves as much as possible.
disposable nitrile gloves
About nitrile gloves
Nitrile gloves are made of synthetic rubber. They are elastic and stretchable. These properties are also used in the medical and chemical fields. They do not have latex in the raw material. These gloves are usually used by people who are allergic to latex. Manufacturers of nitrile gloves use a variety of methods to make these gloves durable.
In addition to medical use, nitrile gloves can be used for everyday tasks. Nitrile gloves are subjected to various tests by the FDA or Food and Drug Administration. All of these tests are done to ensure the durability of these gloves used in hospitals and chemical fields. Because of their puncture resistance, they are labeled as "medical grade" among gloves.
1.Outstanding chemical resistance, with some pH resistance, providing good chemical protection against corrosive substances such as solvents and petroleum.
2.Good physical properties, anti-tear, anti-puncture, anti-friction performance.
3.Comfortable style. According to the ergonomic design of the glove palm machine bending fingers, wearing comfort, promote blood circulation.
4.No protein, amino compounds and other harmful substances, rarely cause allergies.
5.Short degradation time, easy to handle, environmentally friendly.
6.does not contain silicon components, with certain antistatic properties, suitable for the production needs of the electronics industry.
7.Low chemical residue on the surface, low ionic content, small particle content, suitable for strict clean room environment.
disposable nitrile gloves
How nitrile gloves are made.
These gloves are made from synthetic rubber. Copolymers are used to produce these gloves.  NBR labels or nitrile rubber copolymers are made from a combination of different molecules. Nitrile glove manufacturers use special copolymers to infuse two parts of the copolymer, namely butadiene and acrylonitrile. They are used to improve both chemical resistance and flexibility.
This is how the manufacturing process of nitrile gloves takes place.
First, the manufacturing machine removes any stains and previous elements from the formers, which are shaped like hands. They are immersed in a solution of calcium carbonate and calcium nitrate and dried.
These templates are then immersed in a container containing nitrile rubber.
After heating and cooling the liquid on these models, the process continues with the production of gloves.
Next comes the wearing. Nitrile gloves must undergo polymerization or chlorination. In the polymerization process, a layer of polymer is added to the gloves. During the chlorination process, these gloves are placed in a chlorine solution, either in gaseous or acid form. This is done to make the materials used in them stronger.
Finally, they are removed from the former, often called the peeling stage.
How are nitrile gloves put on?
Wearing gloves correctly helps prevent infection from exposure to hazardous substances, products and processes.
1. Remove one glove from the package and check for pinholes or torn tears
2. If the glove is a left- or right-handed type, you can wear it without distinguishing between the right and left hands. Instead, put the thumb and other fingers of the glove on correctly before putting it on.
3. Insert the five fingers into the cuff and pull up the cuff to the wrist
4. Check that the fingers and palm area fit tightly. The cuff should fit snugly around the wrist
Remove gloves correctly to help prevent pollution to yourself and the environment
1. Grasp the outside of the glove near the bowl
2. Peel the glove off your hand and flip it inside out Hold the glove with the other hand
3. Put your fingers deep inside the glove of the remaining hand, taking care not to touch the outside of the glove
4. Peel the glove from the inside out, wrap both gloves in a "pocket" and dispose of them.
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