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What are the characteristics of disposable clear plastic gloves

Time:2021-07-23 15:41

Most of the commonly used disposable transparent plastic gloves are made of polyethylene film, non-toxic, so they can be used for food. There is another kind of film made of PVC, according to the film additives used are often harmful to humans.
disposable clear plastic gloves
The characteristics of disposable transparent plastic gloves.
1, using PE material, non-allergic, economic and convenient, seamless, good waterproof performance. Good elasticity, comfortable to wear.
2, durable, not easy to tear, cuff rolled edge treatment, easy to wear, not easy to tear. Good flexibility and hand feeling, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant.
3, anti-permeability and antibacterial.
Wearing disposable clear plastic gloves can do many things:.
1, food processing: no longer let your hands stained with oil, do not have to worry about grip.
2, cleaning and selection of ingredients: avoid contact with water and protect your hands from impatience.
3、Household cleaning: keep the house corner dirt and effectively isolate stains.
4, hand beauty nail: wear it like a touch of good companion to help you have a beautiful pair of hands.
Disposable transparent plastic gloves product process.
Simple disposable transparent plastic gloves are made of polyethylene special process. The gloves are allergen-free, chemically resistant, flexible, feel good, easy to wear and comfortable to wear. White, transparent, looks thin, but it is not.
Main features.
Economical, no impurities, good toughness, not easy to damage, healthy and environmentally friendly, soft and lightweight, feel comfortable, fit palm, not divided into left and right hands, easy to wear and use. Good flexibility, good touch.
Scope of application.
Oral, beauty, hairdressing, tattooing, planting, laboratory, ink printing, health, beauty, hairdressing, food processing, factory workshop, eating lobster, pig's feet, home cleaning, kitchen cooking, food processing, hair dye oil, care washing, hospital care, industrial and agricultural protection,,, laboratory testing, machinery, gardening, etc.
1、Right hand and left hand are used for direct access.
2、Choose the right size according to the hand shape, and pay attention to nail care and hand disinfection when wearing.
3、Not sterilized for use. Pull out from the opening and wear with left and right hand.
4、People who have a history of allergy to PE products should be cautious due to direct hand contact.
5、The product should not be in contact with oil and acid, and should be stored in a cool and dry place.
6、Can only be used once and destroyed after use.
7、Disposable transparent plastic gloves should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated and clean environment with relative humidity less than 80%. Contrast