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Why are nitrile gloves more suitable for the auto mechanic industry than latex gloves?

Time:2021-06-30 10:55

In the auto mechanic industry, we often find that auto mechanics usually wear nitrile gloves with good oil resistance to protect their hands, rather than the more popular latex gloves. Why?
nitrile gloves
Although latex gloves are common protective gloves, they are flexible, fit comfortably and are stronger than PE and PVC gloves. They also have a degree of puncture resistance and tear resistance. But when it comes to sharp, pointy parts under the hood of a car, latex gloves are less likely to be damaged. If you continue to use damaged gloves, oil stains and chemicals can invade your hands from the damaged area and not provide the necessary protection.
Nitrile gloves are 3-5 times more puncture and tear resistant than latex gloves and are more durable and less prone to breakage than latex gloves. They are more elastic and do not feel tight when worn for long periods of time compared to latex, making them more popular with auto mechanics.
In terms of oil resistance, after comparison, nitrile gloves have better impermeability and can resist more types of chemical reagents, especially for oily mixtures, than latex gloves.
Nitrile gloves are low in protein and less likely to cause allergies. Auto mechanics who are allergic to latex can also wear them with confidence.
The excellent characteristics of nitrile gloves make them more suitable for the auto repair industry, and there is a trend to gradually replace latex gloves.